Environmental Health and Safety Services
has full capability to help with all your
program support needs.

EHSS offers program support on a routine basis or as needed, with an overall ability to come in and help maintain records, development of procedures, and update license conditions.

Our Program Support Services Include:

Maintain Records
  • Help with license record keeping and organization.
Development of Procedures
  • Develop procedures customized for your facility research and operations.
Update license conditions

Update users, authorized use labs, or other license changes.

Dosimetry program
  • Collect, ship, update and maintain dosimetry.  We can also provide dosimeters if needed.
Program increased securities implementation
  • For companies who have a Cobalt or Cesium Chloride irradiator, we can assist in increased security program implementation.
Compliance Audits
  • In accordance with State Title 17 and Title 10 CFR-Part 20, Code of Federal Regulations
Program Support
Program Support
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