Environmental Health and Safety Services
has full capability to help with all your
licensing needs.

Specializing in license inception, amendments and closures, we’re here to help take the headache out of licensing!  At ehss we ease the process of acquiring a new Radioactive Materials License.  We can fill out applications and help develop procedures customized for your facility research and operations.  We take the complication out of the licensing process, so you can get back to focusing on research.  

Our Licensing Services Include:

New Licenses
  • CA Department of Public Health license applications
  • Radiation safety program manuals
License Amendments
  • Update licenses
  • New program applications
  • Assist company in amending a license to keep it current
License Closures
  • Terminate license
  • Laboratory Closures
  • Decommissioning & Decon surveys for moves or remodeling
Other Licensing
  • Compliance audits in accordance with State Title 17 and Title 10 CFR-Part 20
    (Code of Federal Regulations)
  • Help with license record keeping and organization
  • Program increased securities implementation
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